About Us

We have owned and loved cats for many years, so what better job could we have than being able to care for your feline family members while you are away? We treat them all as if they were our own and all are welcome, even cats with special needs or those who may be disabled.

Each room has two separate sleeping shelves which are partly covered for privacy and are reached via non-slip steps or a ramp. There is space underneath for boxes and litter trays, and we provide a scratching post and toy for their use and amusement. We have mats and cushions for the ‘bedrooms’ although many cats like to have something they are familiar with to sleep on. There is also a safety door between the entrance and the rooms to ensure that no guests can make a quick getaway if they try!

We can provide food or you can bring their food with you, and any special dietary needs can be catered for. Vet details will be taken just in case there are any medical problems although we use an excellent Vet ourselves who we would recommend to anyone, and who we could use if you’re not registered with another.